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Main Information
Caption the Castle of Fordjay
Inspiration Nærøyfjord; Kolbjørnsvik, Norway
Location Southern Norway
Monarchs Allen Russo (king)
Elsa the Ice Sprite (queen)
Rapunzel the Light Sprite (princess)
Inhabitants the MMD Group and the others
Visitors Queen Gerda, Princess Ana, CJ, EJ, Schoob, Juliana, Ump Matthews, Neighbor Halliwell, Sierra Duncan
Final status still standing

Fordjay (with a silent "D") is the name of the kingdom located atop of the fjord. It is the west Scandinavian-inspired new home to the new monarchs, King Allen and Queen Sprite Elsa.

Fordjay Castle[]

The Fordjay Castle is the home of the new royal family of Frodjay.

Fordjay Chapel[]

The Fordjay Chapel is a chapel located in the castle in which Allen and Sprite Elsa's coronation ceremony took place.

The Village[]

Fordjay Village

The Village outside of the new castle gates and walls, filled with various houses, shops, marketplaces, grass fields with water-pools, the docks, and a church with a clock tower. It is also where the new citizens of Fordjay reside.