Element of "Fire"

The Element of Fire is one of the hottest, but destructive and helpful elements.

01 Fire

DotD Soundtrack - Burned Lands(1)

DotD Soundtrack - Burned Lands(1)


Elemental abilities Edit

  • Fire blast/Fire burst/Fire outburst
  • Fire sprout
  • Fire balls
  • Fire bombs
  • Fire dynamites
  • Fire cyclone
  • Comet dash
  • Fire tornado
  • Fire missile
  • Fire boulders
  • Fire bound
  • Lava flow
  • Fire belt/Fire ball belt (both stings like a scorpion's stinger)
  • Element of light
  • Fire fury 1, fire aura
  • Fire fury 2, raining fire balls and fire aura
  • Fire fury 3, spinning exploding fire balls

Natural disasters Edit

Elemental colors Edit

State of matter Edit

  • Plasma

Season Edit

Direction Edit

  • West

Way of taking energy Edit

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