IdulamonMG 5008
Main Information
Caption the Castle of Dulamon
Location Highlands of Scotland
Monarchs Sierra Duncan (king)
Long-nailed Bridgette (princess)
Inhabitants his group
Visitors Ump Matthews, Neighbor Halliwell, Allen Russo
Final status still standing

Dulamon (pronounced Dúlamán) is the name of the Kingdom in the Highlands of Scotland, new home to the new king, Sierra Duncan and the new princess Long-nailed Bridgette.

Dulamon Castle Edit

The Dulamon Castle is home of King Sierra and Princess Long-nailed Bridgette.

Dulamon Castle Green Edit

The Dulamon Castle Green is where the Celtic activities are held and where Sierra and his friends and new royal subjects often go do their outings.

Dulamon Moat Edit

The Dulamon Moat is a large green water surrounding the castle.

Dulamon Village Edit


Dulamon Village

The Dulamon Village is a village surrounding the castle moat, filled with various houses, shops, marketplaces, the harbor, and a church. It is also where the new citizens of Dulamon reside.

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