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Element of "Aether"

The Element of Aether, also known as the Fifth Element, Convexity, Space, or Fury is the mysterious, but most powerful of all elements ever. It's also good and evil at the same time.


ATC - Around the world (Danny Suko remix) (Audiosurf video)

Theme song

Elemental abilities[]

  • Aether beam 1, lazer shot
  • Aether beam 2, smoke like lazer
  • Aether beam 3, wide lazer
  • Aether fire
  • Nitro charge
  • Aether missile
  • Aether force field
  • Aether punch
  • Aether dynamite
  • Aether lightning bolt
  • Aether shield
  • Aether ball
  • Aether bomb
  • Aether vortex
  • Aether combat
  • Aether earthquake
  • Nuclear hit
  • Immense power
  • Sorcerous might of Loki (Norse power)
  • Aether fury 1, dimensional portal
  • Aether fury 2, convexity aura
  • Aether fury 3, light of the four elements

Natural disasters[]

Elemental colors[]